Top 15 Kodi Builds for 2024

Are you ready to move your Kodi streaming experience to new levels? Look no further! In this list we unveil the ultimate selection of the top 15 Kodi builds for 2024. Whether you’re having a FireStick, Android mobiles, Windows or Mac, these builds are your gateway to a world of boundless entertainment.

Our meticulously curated list spans the entire Kodi spectrum, encompassing builds tailored for the latest Kodi 21 Omega and Kodi 20 Nexus releases, while also preserving gems for Kodi 19 and Kodi 18 aficionados. From sleek and lightweight designs to feature-rich behemoths, there’s a build here to suit every taste and preference.

But wait, there’s more! Rest assured, each build featured on our list undergoes rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance and reliability. Plus, we’re committed to keeping you in the loop with regular updates, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving Kodi landscape.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into our handpicked selection and unlock a world of limitless streaming possibilities with the best Kodi builds of 2024!

What’s Kodi?

What Is Kodi

Kodi is an amazing open-source media player for almost all types of digital media files and formats. When compared to ordinary media players like VLC, kodi excels in all aspects. It can run all kinds of streams, like movies, TV shows, music, live TV programs, podcasts, and others more.

Kodi needs third-party addons to run those media files and links. But don’t panic, most addons are free and safe to install and use on your device.

When it comes to compatibility, kodi is a magin on its own. It can be installed on many devices and different operating systems, like Android, Mac, Windows, to name but a few.

It’s not an ordinary media player as we mentioned before. Kodi offers multiple options including storing and arranging media files, the ability to browse the internet, and gaming. All these come as additional functions.

You can customize the look and appearance of kodi the way you like. It offers users a numerous ways to customize the interface and make use of various themes and colors it provides.

Addons are essential part to run content on Kodi while builds are not. This does not mean you may never need those builds. Because in most cases and most users usualy aren’t OK with the look and settings of their device with Kodi and some addons on it. To bring the interface to a professional looking environment, kodi builds come into play.

So what is a Kodi Build?

Kodi builds are preconfigured settings that alter the kodi interface. They can change the look, color, and some functionalities of addons and themes.

Since kodi is an open-source software, builds are usually developped by third-party programmers. This fact provides noumerous choises to pick from, with tons of free builds avialable for use. But it also has its downside. Not all builds are stable or well-coded; some are below standards or ill-coded, while other are strictly malicious.

To spare you the trouble of find the best choice for your device and your need, we have tested dozens of kodi builds to make the best list of kodi builds. The outcome of a time consuming and keen searching of our team is provided below.
List of the top Kodi builds in 2024

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1 Xenon

Xenon Kodi Build

The XENON Build is recognized as one of the most popular Kodi builds available. Its user interface is straightforward and designed for ease of use.

The Xenon Kodi build offers numerous addons for movies, TV shows, live TV, sports, and additional content. It is compatible with any device that can run Kodi, such as FireStick, Android TV, PC, Mac, smartphones, and more.

2 Plutonium

Plutonium Kodi Build

Plutonium stands proudly among the extensive array of builds offered by EzzerMac’s Wizard. Within this wizard lies a vast assortment of both in-house creations and third-party builds curated from various developers. Unquestionably, Plutonium emerges as a standout Kodi build within this rich collection.

For enthusiasts drawn to vibrant and visually striking themes, Plutonium is sure to captivate. However, its appeal extends beyond aesthetics alone. Boasting a robust selection of popular Kodi addons catering to Live TV, Sports, Movies, Shows, and diverse video content, Plutonium ensures a comprehensive streaming experience.

Despite its lightweight nature, with a download size of approximately 150 MB, Plutonium delivers top-notch performance across all platforms, including the FireStick—a testament to its efficiency even on lower-spec media devices. While it may lack an abundance of features due to its compact size, Plutonium covers all essentials, guaranteeing an ample supply of streaming content.

  • Categories: Movies, TV Shows, Addons, Apps
  • Top Addons: Patriot, Asgard, Black Lightning, M.E.T.V, Magic Dragon, Shadow
  • Wizard: EzzerMans Wizard
  • Repository: EzzerMacs Wizard Repository
  • Source URL: http://ezzer-mac.com/repo

3 OneFlix

Oneflix Kodi Build

OneFlix, a free Kodi build available from THE7o9REPO, boasts a user-friendly layout and a plethora of streaming options. With OneFlix, users can enjoy a diverse selection of new and popular movies and TV series. Additionally, premium addons like THE CREW, Homelander, and Umbrella provide access to high-quality streaming links.

The standout feature of OneFlix is its compatibility with Real Debrid, allowing users to link their accounts for a superior streaming experience in 1080p and 4K resolution. OneFlix is compatible with all Kodi-supported devices, including Fire TVs, FireSticks, Android smartphones, and more.

  • Categories: New & Popular, Movies, TV Shows, Categories, My Lists, Power, Search, Favorites, Addons, and Settings
  • Top Addons: The CREW, Homelander, Ghost, POV, Seren, Umbrella, IMDb Trailers, and The MovieDb Helper
  • Wizard: 7o9WIZARD
  • Repository: THE7o9REPO
  • Source URL: https://zaxxon709.github.io/repo

4 Green Monster

Green Monster Kodi Build

Green Monster, available from THE CREW REPO, is a captivating entertainment-focused Kodi build that introduces a fresh skin to enhance Kodi’s visual appeal. Offering a wide array of content including movies, TV shows, sports, live TV, music, and more, Green Monster provides users with a comprehensive entertainment experience.

The build comes equipped with numerous video addons such as THE CREW, Rising Tides, Shazam, Homelander, and others, ensuring access to a diverse range of content.

Green Monster’s home menu is both simple and distinctive, featuring sections for Movies, TV Shows, Variety, Sports, Live TV, Kids, Music, Stars, and System. With its reliable video addons, impressive theme, and extensive content variety, Green Monster stands out as one of the top Kodi builds available.

  • Categories: Movies, TV Shows, Variety, Sports, Live TV, Kids, Music, Stars, & System
  • Top Addons: Patriot, Mega IPTV, XTASY D, THE CREW, Rising Tides, Ghost TV, Homelander, VMAXX, Shazam, and MORIA
  • Repository: THE CREW REPO
  • Source URL: https://team-crew.github.io

5 Smokin

Smokin Kodi Build

Smokin is one of the Kodi builds available from the Doomzday Repo. It presents a user-friendly interface with a convenient quick-access menu and well-defined categories. The home screen prominently displays featured content and addons for easy access, while additional options are readily accessible through straightforward navigation.

Smokin operates seamlessly on all Kodi-compatible devices, including FireStick, Android TV, mobiles, PC, and more.

  • Categories: Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, Horror, Stand Up Comedy, Kids
  • Top Addons: The Crew, Homelander, Scrubs V2
  • Wizard: DoomzDay Gui Wizard
  • Repository: DoomzDay Repository
  • Source URL: https://tinyurl.com/doomz19

6 Superman

Superman Kodi Build

Superman stands as a renowned Kodi build available from the cMaN’s Wizard repository, offering a comprehensive entertainment experience. This all-encompassing build provides access to a wide array of content, including movies, TV series, music, live TV, sports, and adult content, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Users can utilize the Search feature to find specific content easily.

Featuring a user-friendly design, Superman organizes its main menus into well-marked sections and sub-sections for content genres and addons, facilitating effortless navigation and browsing. With a plethora of popular Kodi addons such as Patriot, Unleashed, Ghost, Shadow, and Asgard, Superman delivers an extensive selection of content options.

Moreover, users have the option to integrate Real Debrid for an enhanced streaming experience. Overall, Superman emerges as a fantastic Kodi build offering free content across various categories.

  • Categories: Search, Marvel&DC, Movies, TV Shows, Free, Music, Live, Sports, 4K, Adult Only, Favorites, Addons, Settings, Power, & Search
  • Top Addons: Patriot, Unleashed, Gen X, Ghost, Shadow, Asgard, Chains Genocide, and Fen
  • Wizard: cMaN Wizard 19 / CMan and SG Builds Gui Wizard
  • Repository: cMaN’s Wizard Repository
  • Source URL: http://cmanbuilds.com/repo

7 SERENity

SERENity Kodi Build

SERENity, available from THE7o9REPO, is a valuable Kodi build offering VOD content including movies and TV shows across various genres. While it lacks live TV options, its collection of high-definition on-demand content compensates for it.

With the ability to stream movies and series in 1080p and 4K, SERENity ensures users enjoy a premium viewing experience. The lightweight and fast build guarantees lag-free streaming, enhancing user satisfaction.

The layout of the SERENity build is simple and user-friendly, featuring sections like Movies, TV Shows, Favorites, Search, Settings, and Power. The Search option facilitates easy discovery of specific streaming options.

Overall, SERENity stands out as one of the best Kodi builds due to its smooth streaming experience and high-quality playback capabilities.

  • Categories: Movies, TV Shows, Favorites, Search, Settings, and Power
  • Top Addons: Embuary Info, IMBb Trailers, Seren, The MovieDb Helper, and a4kSubtitles
  • Wizard: 7o9WIZARD
  • Repository: THE7o9REPO
  • Source URL: https://zaxxon709.github.io/repo

8 Aspire

Aspire Kodi Build

Aspire stands as a reputable Kodi build compatible with Kodi 21 Omega, offering an all-in-one solution for entertainment enthusiasts. This comprehensive build provides access to movies, TV shows, live TV, sports, music, and family content, catering to diverse preferences. Additionally, Aspire offers both free and Debrid options for enhanced streaming experiences.

Available through the esteemed EzzerMcs Wizard Repository, Aspire features a rich selection of both live and VOD content across multiple categories. Users can enjoy access to numerous popular addons such as THE CREW, Rising Tides, Asgard, and Homelander, ensuring the extraction of high-quality streaming links.

With its smooth interface and fantastic content categories, Aspire emerges as one of the top Kodi builds, promising an immersive entertainment experience.

  • Categories: Home, Free Movies, Free TV, Debrid, Favorites, Sports I, Sports 2, Live TV, Family, Music, Addons/Apps, System, and Wizard
  • Top Addons: Aliunde Just Click It, Asgard, Scrubs v2, Twisted TV, Twisted, THE CREW, Rising Tides, Ghost TV, Homelander, Live Net TV, and Halcyon
  • Wizard: EzzerMans Wizard
  • Repository: EzzerMacs Wizard Repository
  • Source URL: http://ezzer-mac.com/repo

9 Grindhouse

Grindhouse Kodi Build

Grindhouse is renowned for its extensive collection of unique and popular builds. These builds vary in size, with some being lightweight and others offering a multitude of features and functionalities. The Wizard hosts over a dozen builds to accommodate a wide range of users. Available options include AR Build, Blue Lite, Decades, Horror, Jaws, Pin Up, and more.

You can easily download any build to gain access to various addons and entertainment content. Grindhouse Wizard features an attractive, dim-themed interface. The sections in the Wizard include Builds, Maintenance, Backup/Restore, Tools, and Close, each offering specific functionalities.

  • Categories: Movies, TV, AIO, Sports, Favs
  • Top Addons: Asgard, Patriot, The Crew, Black Lightning, Odd’n’Ends
  • Wizard: Grindhouse Wiz or MF’in Grindhouse Wizard 19
  • Repository: Grindhouse Repository
  • Source URL: http://grindhousekodi.us/repo


Nova Kodi Build

NOVA is a Kodi build available from the Doomzday Repo, providing a diverse range of content options including live TV and VOD. With NOVA, users can effortlessly stream movies, TV shows, family content, Nova TV, live TV, and more. Additionally, it offers a dedicated Debrid/4K section for premium users.

This build encompasses various functional addons such as Asgard, Scrubs v2, Rising Tides, Ghost TV, and more, ensuring smooth streaming of both free and Debrid content without lags or buffering.

  • Categories: Home, Free Movies, Free TV Shows, Debrid/4K, For Her, Family, Nova TV, Live TV, Sports 1, Sports 2, Sports AU, Docos, Music, Favs, Wizard, Apps, System, Weather, Accounts, Power, and My Library
  • Top Addons: Aliunde Just Click It, Asgard, Scrubs v2, Twisted TV, Twisted, THE CREW, Rising Tides, Ghost TV, Live Net TV, Replay Me, Halcyon, and Torque Lite
  • Wizard: Doomzday Simple Wizard/Doomzday Gui Wizard
  • Repository: Doomzday Repo
  • Source URL: https://doomzdayteam.github.io/doomzday

11 No Limits Magic Build

No Limits Magic Kodi Build

If you are still using Kodi 18, Leia, the No Limits Magic build is likely the best option for you. However, it is not available on Kodi 19, Kodi 20, or Kodi 21. The No Limits Magic Build has garnered praise from many Kodi users for its extensive capabilities in online entertainment and is considered one of the most comprehensive builds for Kodi 18.

The Aeon Nox 5 Silvo skin gives this build a sleek and futuristic look. To truly appreciate how Kodi skins can enhance your streaming experience, you need to try this build.

It’s important to invest in a reliable VPN to access regionally restricted TV shows and movies. The benefits of using a VPN with Kodi, including enhanced anonymity and personal safety, have been discussed in detail, along with recommendations for the best VPN services.

  • Categories: Movies, TV Shows, Music, Live TV, Sports, Her Place, Favorites
  • Top Addons: Rising Tides, Sportowa TV, The Magic Dragon, YouTube
  • Wizard: No Limits Wizard or No Limits Wizard18
  • Repository: No Limits Repository
  • Source URL: https://www.nolimitswiz.appboxes.co

12 Doomzday Wizard

Doomzday Wizard kodi build

DoomzDay Builds Wizard offers a comprehensive selection suitable for all Kodi-compatible devices.

Some lightweight builds, like the Nova TV build, operate efficiently on devices with lower RAM. These builds are perfect for FireStick and Android TV Boxes.

Additionally, there are more complex, feature-rich builds that perform optimally on computers or high-performance mobile devices.

With a variety of options available, you are sure to find a build that meets your needs.

These builds come preloaded with several popular Kodi addons, allowing you to stream all your preferred content. Give DoomzDay a try, and you won’t be disappointed.

The screenshot above displays the Nova TV Kodi build from the DoomzDay Wizard.

  • Categories: Movies, TV Shows, Debrid 4K, Free Zone, Allstars, Family, Live TV, Sports, Documentaries, Music
  • Top Addons: Asgard, Scrubs V2, The Crew, Rising Tides, Homelander, Apex Sports, Centry Sports, Fights on Demand, Mad Titan Sports, Magic Dragon
  • Wizard: DoomzDay Wizard
  • Repository: Doomzday Repo
  • Source URL: https://doomzdayteam.github.io/doomzday

13 Diggz Chef Wizard Kodi Builds

Diggz Chef Wizard kodi build

The Diggz Chef Wizard is an essential resource for downloading a variety of Kodi builds. Hosted by the Diggz repository, it offers numerous entertainment-focused builds such as Diggz Xenon, Diggz FenFlix, Planet Diggz, Maddux-Kidz, and cg-MEC.

These builds are loaded with fantastic addons and a wealth of content. They provide sections like Live TV, Movies, TV Shows, Kids, and more, catering to a wide audience from children to adults. With the Diggz Chef Wizard, you can look forward to hours of seamless entertainment.

  • Categories: Movies, TV Shows, TV Guide, Kids, Family, Sports, Music
  • Top Addons: The Crew, The Magic Dragon, The Promise, Adina, Homelander
  • Wizard: Chef Wizard
  • Repository: Diggz Repository
  • Source URL: https://diggz1.me/diggzrepo

14 FenFlix

Fenflix Kodi Build

FenFlix stands as one of the premier Kodi builds available from the Diggz repository, offering a premium streaming experience powered by the Fen Kodi addon. To unlock its full potential, users are required to link their Real Debrid account.

This build provides a rich array of content options, encompassing movies, TV series, live TV, music, and more. Featuring popular addons like Daddylive, Fen, Plex Live, and YouTube, FenFlix ensures access to a wide variety of entertainment sources.

The main menu of FenFlix is characterized by a simple and intuitive design, facilitating effortless navigation. Additionally, users can leverage the Search menu to quickly find specific shows or content. With its diverse content categories and premium design, FenFlix emerges as an exceptional choice for Kodi enthusiasts.

  • Categories: Search, Movies, TV shows, Movie Genres, TV Genres, Networks, Hot Lists, Live TV, Music, Addons, Favorites, Settings, Kodi, Exit
  • Top Addons: Daddylive, Fen, IMDb Trailers, Plex Live, Pluto TV, Samsung TV Plus, STIRR, The_TV_app, and YouTube
  • Wizard: Chef Wizard
  • Repository: Diggz Repository
  • Source URL: https://diggz1.me/diggzrepo

15 cMan Wizard

cMan Wizard Kodi Build

The cMan Wizard addon stands as a gateway to a diverse array of Kodi builds, offering users a comprehensive selection to cater to their preferences. Among the notable builds available within this Wizard is Fallout, which holds its place as a distinct offering in this expansive collection.

Beyond Fallout, users can explore an assortment of quality builds curated by cMan Wizard, including the in-house creations Resurrection, Edge, Simplex, Mad Dragon, Nitro, and more. Moreover, the Wizard extends its reach to encompass numerous third-party and community builds, such as Magic Dragon, Bulls, Cowboys, and Torque.

With categories spanning Movies, TV Shows, Kids, Sports, and Music, cMan Wizard ensures there’s something for every viewer’s taste. Complemented by top addons like Kodiverse, Homelander, Odin, and Shadow, users can expect a rich and immersive entertainment experience.

  • Categories: Movies, TV Shows, Kids, Sports, Music
  • Top Addons: Kodiverse, Homelander, Odin, Shadow
  • Wizard: cMaN Wizard 19
  • Repository: cMaN’s Wizard Repository
  • Source URL: http://cmanbuilds.com/repo

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With our carefully curated selection of the top 15 Kodi builds for 2024, you’re equipped with the tools to transform your streaming experience into something truly extraordinary. Whether you’re seeking simplicity, sophistication, or sheer power, these builds cater to every preference and device. So, bid farewell to mundane streaming and embark on a journey of unparalleled entertainment with the best Kodi builds at your fingertips.

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